Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

How are Klaras Children’s Center ECI services delivered?

Indeed, there is no magic in what therapists and other professionals do directly with your child, but instead in what happens when your family has the support and information you need to find success for yourselves and your child–in your own home and the other places your child and family go.

To foster your success, Klaras Children’s Center ECI (KCC ECI) staff consult with your family and any other caregivers your child has, meaning they teach you (and any caregivers) how to help your child get the practice they need during everyday life.

This means whether your child is getting dressed in the morning, eating a meal, helping you around the house, going grocery shopping, or taking a bath, opportunities for learning abound, and we will show you how not to let a single one pass you or your child by!

It is this consultation method that will enable your family/caregivers to deliver the intervention to your child for up to several hours each day instead of just the hour or two a week that traditional therapy services have to offer.

The difference truly is dramatic! Just open up the charts* below: One contrasts traditional physical and occupational therapy with a motor practice embedded into a child’s DAILY ROUTINES. The other contrasts traditional speech therapy with speech and language practice that is embedded into a child’s normal routines.