Milestones Checklist

Milestones Checklist for Early Childhood

This is a checklist to help you see if your child or a child you know is meeting important milestones for healthy growth. If you have concerns about something your infant or toddler is not doing yet that you think they should be doing for their age, please call your local ECI program for help.

I’m three months old! I…

  • turn toward bright colors and lights
  • follow moving toys or faces with my eyes
  • recognize or know the bottle or breast
  • respond to loud or new sounds
  • reach for and grasp toys or hair
  • wiggle and kick with my legs and arms
  • lift my head and shoulders while on my stomach
  • smile back at my parents or other family members
  • make sounds like gurgling, cooing, or babbling

I’m six months old! I…

  • turn toward voices
  • reach for toys and pick them up
  • roll over front-to-back and back-to-front
  • play with my toes
  • help hold my bottle during feedings; if I’m bottle-feeding
  • know the faces of my family members
  • babble, squeal, & repeat vowel sounds like “ooh,” “ah,” and “ee.”
  • sit by leaning on my hands

I’m nine months old! I…

  • copy sounds or gestures
  • reach for crumbs or other small things with my thumb and fingers
  • move toys from one hand to the other hand
  • straighten my arms to support myself when I’m on my stomach
  • understand the word “No.”
  • sit without help

I’m 12 months old! I…

  • respond to my name
  • may be scared of strangers
  • crawl on my hands and knees
  • pull myself to a standing position
  • look for an object if you hide it from me, even if I didn’t see you hide it
  • walk by holding onto furniture
  • can drink from a cup with your help
  • enjoy playing games like “peek-a-boo” or “patty cake.”
  • say 1 to 2 words

I’m 15 months old! I…

  • use gestures
  • like to look at pictures in a book
  • can hold a crayon in my fist
  • can hand toys to you when you ask me to
  • can point to pictures you name if the pictures are familiar to me
  • walk alone without help

I’m 18 months old! I…

  • like to pull and push things
  • follow simple directions
  • pull off my shoes and socks
  • feed myself some of the time
  • step off low objects and keep my balance
  • turn 2 to 3 pages of a book at a time
  • can point to one body part
  • can name one object
  • like to copy your words or actions

I’m 21 months old! I…

  • can name two objects
  • like to pretend-play
  • can put together a simple picture puzzle if it has only 2 or 3 large pieces
  • like to throw balls
  • like to play alone with toys for a short time
  • say “No” often

I’m 24 months old! I…

  • use 2 to 3 words together, like “No, Mommy” or “More cookies.”
  • say the names of toys and people
  • feed myself with a spoon
  • turn one page at a time
  • point to my hair, eyes, and nose when someone asks me
  • show affection to family members and pets
  • run short distances without falling

I’m 36 months old! I…

  • answer simple questions
  • walk up steps, alternating my feet
  • put my clothes on by myself
  • open simple containers
  • like to play with other children
  • repeat simple rhymes and songs
  • use 3- to 5-word sentences
  • jump in place
  • express my emotions

If your infant or toddler is not meeting their milestones for development, and you are concerned about it, please do not hesitate to call your local ECI program for help.